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Since 1979, Camfer Engineering has focused on providing the best quality systems to its customers. We provide a wide range of products designed to help users save time and money, as well as improve accuracy, reliability and efficiency in their process.

Camfer Engineering seeks to provide its customers with an optimal solution to their application, process and business demands.  From the onset of your immediate or long term project needs, our team of consultants is available as a resource to help specify and select a complete solution appropriate to your application or business needs.

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company history

For over 35 years Camfer Engineering Services has focused and excelled in providing the highest quality Pumping and Industrial solutions and services in the industry. Camfer Engineering is also recognized as an industry leader in delivering superior service through its unique combination of engineering and technical expertise, along with close and long-standing relationships with key suppliers throughout the world. Camfer's technical specialist group has a combined experience of over five decades. This provides Camfer Engineering the ability to execute complex projects in very diverse and challenging environments.



Camfer Engineering Services was founded in 1979 by Mr. Cesar Muñecas, Sr. and Mr. Alfredo Fernández, along with their sons Cesar (Chachi) and Alfredo (Freddie). This group brought extensive experience serving the industrial, mining and power generation industries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean basin. In 1984 the group acquire Mitel Distributing Corp., the local distributor for Toledo Scales. The company was originaly founded in 1961 by Mr. Gabriel Tellechea and Mr. Walter Millares with the purpose of becoming the exclusive distributor for Toledo Scales, and quickly established itself as a key supplier to the then booming manufacturing industry.


Over time Camfer Engineering has expanded its products offerings and services to adequately serve customers' changing needs and new market conditions. Camfer Engineering is now able to do what no other vender can: deliver a complete and full-cycle solution package to all business areas; from the manufacturing floor to the laboratory. The company is positioned as Puerto Rico's premier consultancy group in high-end power solutions, instrumentation and weighing solutions for the power industry, Pharmaceutical, R&D, Chemical, Academia, Food & Beverage and other related industries. With the addition of the third generation of the Fernández and Muñecas families, Rafael and Cesar, in the company's management and operations, Camfer Engineering is poised to continue its distinguished history for many years to come.

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