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           Mechanical Seals Repair & Services

                                                        Cost effective and reliable performance

                                                                       without the need for new seals


Mechanical Seal Maintenance and Repair


Mechanical seals are a crucial component in the operation of pumps and other rotating instruments and equipment. Failures may be both hazardous and expensive for the process and operation.


In most cases seals may be repaired instead of replaced with a new one. This alternative can saves thousands of dollars to an operation. Camfer Engineering Services offers mechanical seals repairs for all seal brands. Camfer Engineering seal inspection & repair services have been designed to optimize the operation of all mechanical seal brands and types in primary sectors where rotating equipment efficiency is vital.


Our goal is to reduce customer operational costs and guaranteed reliable support and service.


Pharmaceutical Applications


  • Glass Lined Agitators

  • Steel Agitators

  • Mixers

  • Filter Dryers

  • Vertical Cone Dryers

  • Hydrogenation Pumps


Oil, Gas, and Power Applications:


  • Main oil line (MOL) pumps

  • MOL booster pumps

  • Sea water injection pumps

  • Crude export pumps

  • NGL pumps recycle

  • Condensate pumps

  • Boiler feed water pumps

  • Feed water condensate pumps

  • Cooling water pumps

  • Export compressors

  • Compressors

  • Power turbines


Chemical Applications:


  • Glass Lined Agitators

  • Steel Agitators

  • Mixers

  • High Shear Mixers

  • Evaporators

  • Centrifuges

  • Grinders

  • Pumps

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