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Desalination and Industrial Water Treatment

IDE Technologies is a world leader in water treatment solutions. IDE specializes in the development, engineering, construction and operation of enhanced desalination and industrial water treatment plants.




Membrane Desalination – RO Plant


Municipalities, power, oil & gas, mining and many other industries need clean desalinated water for a huge variety of domestic, industrial and agricultural uses. IDE helps customers in these industries to solve their water challenges by listening first and then using the technological excellence and know-how that has been accumulated from close to fifty years of experience.

During this time, IDE has achieved a continuous increase in desalination capacities of large-scale plants while dramatically reducing desalinated water costs, especially in BOT projects. This unmatched record has made IDE the clear leader of the world desalination market in general, and mega-size seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) in particular.


Thermal Desalination Solutions for Seawater


Cost Effective, Efficient Thermal Desalination Solutions power



Refineries, power plants and other industries need high purity water. The thermal desalination process uses energy to evaporate water and subsequently condense it again. When there is waste heat or sufficient electricity available, as is often the case with refineries and power plants, thermal desalination is an efficient and viable solution.Refineries,


IDE is internationally recognized as a pioneer and leader in the delivery of thermal desalination plants. IDE’s low temperature thermal distillation units are capable of producing both drinking and boiler feed water from seawater. They are available in two versions differentiated by the method used for the supply of energy:


  • Multi-Effect Distillation (MED), a low-pressure steam process.

  • Mechanical Vapour Compression (MVC), a proprietary electrically driven mechanical compressor

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