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Electrical Modernizations and Upgrades


Modernization and Upgrade Solutions


Choosing between maintaining your aging electrical equipment or replacing it with new equipment? Discover easy upgrade solutions to expand the capabilities of your electrical system with minimal downtime and costs.


Upgrade or Replace: Settle the battle Weigh your options and the benefits when choosing between upgrading or replacing your electrical equipment.


Why Upgrade?

Installing new electrical distribution equipment involves a major financial commitment, so it makes sense to get the best use out of your installed base. Aging, outdated electrical equipment can be modernized to new technology, dramatically improving its performance and lifetime.


Don’t spend too much time and money on aging equipment. Explore our upgrade solutions!


Switchgear Modernization Solutions

Modernize and extend the life of the active components of your switchgear while leaving the existing switchgear structure intact.


Direct Replacement Circuit Breakers: Circuit breakers are designed to fit into the existing cubicle with little to no modification to the switchgear cell.


Circuit Breaker Retrofit Solutions: The switchgear cell and bus are modified to accept the new circuit breaker. Find Out More


Motor Control Center Upgrades: Direct replacement and retrofit options to upgrade low-voltage motor control centers.


Additional Services to Extend Equipment Life: From circuit breaker reconditioning to legacy product support, we offer additional equipment life extension solutions to keep your facility running strong.


Modernizing with Camfer Engineering / Dalsan, authorized representative of Schneider Electric ensures that your processes remain:


  • Productive: Increased productivity and flexibility of your processes

  • Safe: Improved safety of your installation in compliance with international standards

  • Efficient: Optimized capital and operational expenditure

  • Reliable: Reduced downtime and risk during the transition. Your prior investment in high value applications are retained.

  • Green: Best in class energy efficiency and uptime performance for your operations

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