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Dissolution Accessories & Consumables

Dissolution Accessories fulfills the various needs of the dissolution industry by carrying a full line of consumables and accessories for various brands and models of dissolution testing machines.

We supply the highest quality products to the entire Pharmaceutical Industry. All of our products are both USP and machine manufacturer compliant. A certificate of USP compliance is supplied where applicable.

Our product line consists of items specifically designed to fit the many different brands of dissolution testing machines.

Comprehensive Product Line


We are your one-stop-shop of consumables and accessories for all your dissolution instruments.


  • Algaecide

  • Baskets

  • Baskets Shafts

  • Calibration Tools

  • Cannula Filters

  • Capsules Filters

  • Syringe Filters

  • Disintegration Testing

  • Dissolution Accessories

  • DissoGuard System

  • Glass Accessories

  • Intrinsic Dissolution

  • Paddles

  • Rotating Cylinders

  • Sampling Cannula

  • Spin Shaft Accessories

  • Tubing

  • Transdermal Testing

  • Biodissolution Accessories (USP APP 3)

  • USP 4 Apparatus

  • High Precision Vessel

  • Vessels

  • Vessels Covers

  • Volumetric Flasks

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