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Analytical Instrumentation


Mitel is an expert consultancy group offering unique products and solutions for research, scientific and quality control labs, amongst many others in the Pharmaceutical, R&D, Chemical, Academia, Food & Beverage and other related industries.





Karl Fishers 

Density Meters


Thermal Analysis

Melting Point 


pH Meter

Moisture Analyzers



Autochem by Mettler Toledo:


Accelerating Chemical Research and Development. Mitel provides product solutions to enable faster development of robust processes for better chemical and biopharmaceutical products.



Organic Synthesis 

Crystallization and Precipitation

Process Development and Scale-Up 

Process Safety 

Continuous Flow Chemistry

Particle and Droplet Processing 

Formulation and Product Development 

Parallel Synthesis and Screening of Reaction Conditions 

Fermentation and Bio Processing

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